Bike Rental Cape Cod

Bike Rental Cape Cod

You could rent a bike for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re visiting a new location, want to try commuting to work on a bike without purchasing one, or simply want to put a few miles on a different bike model than you usually ride. Whatever your motivation for looking into rental bikes, finding the right model, size, and location can be difficult. Despite the fact that Bike rental services are springing up all over town, many are pricey and have rudimentary bikes that aren’t practical for much more than a leisurely ride about town.

At Rideaway Adventures, you can Rent a bike ride you want, when and when you need it, without the high overhead charges associated with traditional bike rental services. If you are considering bike rental Cape Cod, here are some reasons why you should rent a bike from Rideaway Adventures.

We offer quality bikes

Unfortunately, many bike rental stores do not like to rent their best models, and even when they do, they do not always maintain them as well as you would like. At Rideaway Adventures, we offer the best bicycle rental. Besides, before and after each ride, every bike that leaves our shop is examined. 

We offer convenience

Most bike rental services in Cape Cod require you to visit their stores or use your credit card at a public location, which may be in an inconvenient location. Rideaway Adventures simplifies everything with an easy-to-use website. This means you can make a reservation, no matter where you are.

Saves your budget

Renting a bike is entertaining and inexpensive. These are most likely the most compelling reasons to use Rideaway Adventures. Instead of worrying about renting a bike the regular way, you can utilize our website in minutes, save money, and have a great time doing it. It’s no wonder that many first-time customers return to Rideaway Adventures the next time they need to rent a bike.

We offer different varieties

We have one of the largest fleets of rental bikes in Cape Cod, as well as the largest inventory of bikes. With a variety of models to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect bike for you. We offer hybrid bikes, which are 24-speed bikes with a slightly upright riding position. We also offer bikes with pedal assist, which deliver a safe boost to your own pedal force, which can be handy for climbing hills or simply going farther.

You won’t have to worry about insurance 

Accidents are always a possibility when cycling. If you own a bike, you may need to ensure that you are fully insured. Do you want to avoid the trouble of insurance? When you rent, you are covered by insurance, but you are not required to have your own policy. Insurance can be costly, and you may not want to have to pay it on a regular basis. Fortunately, when you rent a bike from Rideaway Adventures, it can help you save money in this way. You will not have to pay for the bike, nor will you have to pay for insurance.

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Bike Rental Cape Cod

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