Colombia Tourist Attractions

Reasons Why You Should Visit Some Colombia Tourist Attractions

Despite being marred by political unrest in the past, Columbia is now starting to make a significant rise above its predicaments and blossom in the world of tourism. A good number of Colombia tourist attractions are currently developing into the mainstream. From the historic city of Cartagena to the lovable city of Medellin, tourists cannot withhold their anxiety to visit the South American country year after year.

Columbia is situated in the northwestern part of the South American continent. The once war torn country is blessed with natural resources, including lush rain forests, dramatic mountains, and beautiful beaches which are helping the country shine on the world stage. Every now and then, tour companies are sprouting up in virtually all cities. Just so you know, there many things to do in this beloved country.

Here is why you need to come to South America and visit some interesting Colombia tourist attractions.

Exceptional street art

In 2011, a law decriminalizing graffiti was passed in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city. This marked a creative new era for the city whose municipal walls, office blocks, and flyovers have become canvases for some of the most famous street artists in the world. In fact, the city’s most famous murals which are potentially under threat have been brought to context. Thanks to the tours of the city.

Discover a lost city

650 years before the existence of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu situated in the Andes in southern Peru, Colombia’s Ciudad Perdida was constructed. Unfortunately, the city got lost and remained so for so long until its rediscovery in 1976. Just atop the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the mysterious city lay hidden in a dense jungle. One of the most rewarding adventures any tourist could ever make in Colombia is to trek to the ruins of this ancient city. But be warned, this adventure is not for the faint-hearted!

Find magic in Mompox

Anyone who’s read the book One Hundred Years of Solitude – the magical realism novel written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez- already has a vivid picture of the sleepy city of Mompox. Till this very moment, the streets of this beautiful city are still haunted by the tales of the wonderful prose. The city has largely been bypassed by tourists due to its riverside location which makes it relatively inaccessible for people. Mompox is adorned with well-preserved architecture and so, it’s well worth trying.

Exotic fruits

As part of the highlights of any trip adventurous trip to Colombia, no one can resist the colorful display of exotic fruits in abundance. From luscious lulos and zingy zapotes to delicious dragon fruits and gorgeous guavas, there are no easier means of getting your five-a-day mix.

Fresh coffee

Despite being renowned for its beans, it is surprisingly difficult to find a good cup of coffee in Colombia. The country is a major exporter of coffee through which all the good stuff go. But thanks to the reinvention of the national drink by certain connoisseurs, many major cities are rejuvenating again as affable Colombia tourist attractions.


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