Eco Hikes

eco hikes


Length of trip: 2.5 – 3 hrs

Type: hike / waterfall / ropes

Price: $30


  • Professional guides
  • Transportation from office
  • Insurance
  • Photographer

Enjoy one of our natural Eco hikes we have in the area we lead you to off the beaten tourist path incredible places which are still new and undiscovered enjoy a casual hike through a coffee plantation and arrive at and natural water slide or be taken down to where we can see monkeys and swim in cool jungle Clear Pools this area is rich with water and we like to get you in it. Hike to a Sugar cane farm and learn how they process the raw sugar cane into panela a process that has been long practiced here in the valley a very sweet adventure as we get to try the cooling panela. All ages welcome

For Eco hikes must be able to walk at least 20 minutes helmets and life jackets provided for a more secure experience when on water. mix match and combine these activities with others to make a full day of Adventure


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