Colombia Adventure

Where To Explore During Your Colombia Adventure

Colombia is known for its size and its coffee production and what a lot of people may not know about Colombia is that it offers a lot of adventures to tourists. There are so many forms of adventure in Colombia. In other words, Colombia adventure comprises of several activities. Some of them have been outlined here.

Paragliding, kayaking and rafting

Your Colombia adventure will not be complete without enjoying any of paragliding, kayaking and rafting. In fact, you can have a feel of the three of them. It makes your Colombia adventure more thrilling and interesting. There is nothing as interesting as having a kayak trip in the late afternoon

To ensure safety, dedicated and friendly guides will accompany you. Newbies can also take some lessons before the trips. It is all about the fun. You may also run into some friendly fish.

Explore Cocora Valley

You can also decide to explore the famous Cocora Valley. The most distinctive features of this valley are its trees. They are known as wax palm trees and they are highly protected. They are up to 68 meters tall. In feet, that is about 223 feet. Cocora Valley is actually a unique forest. You can trek from the depth of the valley to the Acaime Peak. Hikers will really love to do this.

The atmosphere of the forest is another reason to check it out. The atmosphere is tranquil and serene and seems to be in its most natural form. You can take a lot of snap shots. You could stay beside one of the wax palm trees to make people appreciate their height.

You can visit the Tayrona National Park

This national park offers great beach and several animals. You can get to see different species of monkeys like the titis, capuchins and the red howlers. One funny thing about these monkeys is that they won’t run from you. You can also get to see an agouti.

After exploring the park, you may want to cap it up with a good swim in any of the beaches. It is important to remember that not all the beaches here are safe for swimming. There could be rough surf. So you should read the signs before taking a dive. However, Cabo San Juan beach is a very safe beach. The combination here is great – Hike, Sightsee and swim.

You might also want to visit Bogota

A lot of people just pass by this community. The distinctive feature of this community is the street arts. You will see different arts on the walls there. However, they are not just arts, they all have underlying messages. Most of the messages have political undertone. If you are with your camera, you can enjoy a few snapshots. It’s all part of your Colombia adventure.

Check out the city of Teyuna

Teyuna has enough jungles, hills and rivers for hikers and explorers. It is one of the oldest cities in Colombia. The city is inhabited by four different indigenous groups. They are Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco and Kankuamo. They collectively protect the city and its values.

There are several other locations to explore. In fact, Colombia has a lot of adventure sites. The ones mentioned above are just a few of them.


Colombia Adventure

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Colombia Excursions

Colombia Excursions: Benefits Of Family Excursions In Colombia

Due to the busy schedule of parents, they do not always get to spend quality time with their children. Family Excursions afford them the opportunity to make up for their busy schedules amidst the multiple benefits they offer. This piece shows the importance of Colombia excursions to every member of the family:

1) Time to Know Each Other Better

Many family members live as strangers even though they might be in the same house. Some parents do not know their children due to their tight schedule. During periods of excursions, they have the opportunity to discuss important issues. In the course of these interactions, the children will get to know their point of view regarding several issues. Parents will get to know their children better, and this helps to bond the family even more.

2) Time to Relax

Family members have lots of activities that do not allow them to rest. These activities range from parents going to work on daily basis, children going to school, parents bringing part of their work home to finish them up, children doing their home works to parents assisting the younger children in doing their home works. With all these activities laid aside during Colombia excursions, parents and children will get enough relaxation. This is because the family gets to do new things in the new environment with peaceful and serene atmosphere devoid of tension and stress.

3) Creation of Memories

 Colombia excursions are designed to create lasting memories for the people. With lots of fun-filled activities and beautiful environments, the experience will remain a memorable one. The pictures and videos taken during this period can also serve as a reminder of the happy moments.

4) New Experience

It is a known fact that when you leave one environment to a new one, you will encounter new experiences. An excursion in Colombia will give you lots of new experiences because all the activities ranging from the trip, accommodation, meal, sports and so on are designed uniquely for this purpose.

5) It Helps Build Self Esteem in Children

To build self-esteem into your children, you need to participate in their activities. This goes a long way in making them have positive feelings about themselves. Going on excursions with your kids, once in a while, is necessary to make them feel valued and loved by every family member.

6) Peaceful Cohabitation

Like earlier stated, Colombia excursions help family members to spend quality time with each other. In the process, they get to know and understand each other better. This will help to solve lots of problems. Having a better understanding of each other enhances peaceful cohabitation in the family. Crisis tends to be far away while everyone, to a large extent, embraces peace and unity.

Excursions in Colombia are important for families due to the nature of the environment. There are many resorts to visit with various fun activities to keep everyone busy. The family should be the priority of anyone and, as such, the family head needs to make out time to take good care of the family members. Excursions are part of such arrangements.


Colombia Vacation

Lowering The Cost Of Your Colombia Vacation

Sometimes you can afford that Colombia vacation that you think is beyond your reach. It is just all about arming yourself with information on the best deals. Do you realize that if two people staying in the same community in the United States opt for Colombia vacation, two of them will not spend the same amount even if they spend the same number of days on their Colombia vacation?

The total amount of money spent by each of them may not even come close to each other. The major reason for this is that one may get better deals than the other. Follow the tips below and you will find out that your Colombia vacation can be much cheaper than you expect.

Consider all-in-one packages

The basic components of any vacation are transportation, accommodation, feeding and vacation activities. If you can get any vacation package that covers all or some of the four components it will be a better deal. Some organizations provide more than of the components but they don’t provide it as a single package, you can make it a package by getting all their services.

For instance, some of the organizations that provide vacation activities like paragliding and kayaking also have accommodation facilities and some of them also have restaurants and eateries. It will be much cheaper to get accommodation from the organization that offers the activities you came for.

Consider tourist centers with no entrance fee

One great tourist center that you can visit and not pay a dime is Plaza Botero. This center houses several great works of the great sculptor, Fernando Botero Angulo and the works of some other great Latin American artists. It is free. Some national parks are also free for you to explore. So, you might want to explore some national parks.

Time your vacation

Wherever you intend to travel to, find out when activities usually peak and when they drop there. Airfares and accommodation prices do not remain the same throughout the year. Find out what time of the year the general cost of travel related services drops in your prospective travel destination. It is better to fix your vacation for that period. You may be lucky to save up to 40 to 50 percent of the original cost. Timing your vacation could also mean fixing it on weekdays and not weekends. Cost of flight and accommodation facilities usually increase from Fridays to Sunday. It begins to drop on Monday. A recent survey showed that Tuesdays and Wednesdays offer the cheapest rates.

Some service providers encourage people to pay in advance with their charges. Cost of flight is usually cheaper when you pay about three weeks in advance.

Dream vacations are worth saving for

If you find out that you can’t really afford the kind of vacation destination and activities you want, you have two clear options. You can change the vacation plans or you can save for that your dream vacation. Vacation is not a must in every year. Nothing stops you from skipping this year’s vacation to save for the next one. In other words, you can merge the cost of two vacations for one dream vacation.

It is a matter of choice. Indeed, some destinations and activities are worth saving for. For instance, you will enjoy so much fun in kayaking and rafting but paragliding is a joker. If you can’t afford it, it is worth saving for. No pleasure compares to hovering in the sky for about 30 minutes looking down on both natural and manmade structures. Paragliding is the bomb.


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