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Playa Hermosa Costa Rica Hotels

Top 10 reasons to stay at one of our playa Hermosa hotels

At Brokers Costa Rica, we have the listing of the top Playa Hermosa Costa Rica hotels. Whether you are looking for hotels in Playa Hermosa or other parts of Costa Rica, we have a complete listing of the best properties in the country. We understand your search for 'Which hotels are the best ones to stay in Playa Hermosa,' we are here to help you find the best home rental deals in Costa Rica.

1. Convenience 

All our resorts stand close to the ocean, the popular eateries, supermarkets, and shopping centers. Our guests get things they want without having to travel long distances.

2. Outdoor entertainment

Whether you want to lay back on a chaise and gaze at the ocean or you wish to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio, our lavish resorts offer the perfect ambiance for outdoor entertainment. Most of our properties come with an outdoor dining space and a BBQ grill for socializing and partying purposes.

3. Breathtaking view

All our vacation homes are set in the most scenic locations across the coastal regions and offer a stunning view of the mountains, rainforests, oceans, and the Costa Rican landscapes.

4. Concierge staff

Our concierge staff custom plan the holiday itinerary for all our guests based on their interests, requirements, and preferences. This way, we save our guests the trouble of having to plan their holiday entertainment activities and excursions. We also organize a wide variety of sporting activities for our guests at affordable prices.

5. Hospitality

All our staff members work relentlessly to offer our guests with the most luxurious and comfortable stay. Most of our properties come with 24/7 house staff to assist you in day to day activities.

6. Modern amenities

All our properties come with cable TV, high-speed internet, access to fitness centers, bars, spa services, beach clubs, etc., offering our guests the best time of their lives.

7. Swimming pool

Our properties come with the most modern and Mediterranean style pools that are perfect for honeymoon couples and groups of friends.

8. Food and top-shelf spirits

When you book one of our high-end properties, you also get a personal chef who will cook you gourmet meals and surprise you with sumptuous meals. Our guests also have access to unlimited top-shelf spirits and beverages.

9. Excursions and ocean-activities

We also custom-plan and organize excursions for our guests, such as land adventures, water adventures, fishing, etc., to help them have the most enriching vacation in Costa Rica. Unlike most Guanacaste hotels, we arrange and organize these excursions at low prices.

10. Tennis Complex

Our property comes with an extravagant tennis court where you can bust the stress by playing a game with your friends or loved ones.

Are you searching for Playa Hermosa hotels in Costa Rica? Get in touch with us at Brokers Costa Rica, and we will hook you up with a resort or suite room at one of the best Playa Hermosa Costa Rica hotels. We are here to answer your questions and help you save up on the cost without compromising on luxury by booking a room at one of the best hotels in Playa Hermosa in 2020.

Playa Hermosa Costa Rica Hotels

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