Kids Free kayaking courses in Cocorná

Colombia Rafting Expeditions

There are Colombia rafting expeditions- and then there is Freak’n Creek’n. As the newest adventure resort in Colombia, Freak’n Creek’n provides numerous options for extreme water sports, from rafting and kayaking to paragliding to take in the spectacular views of the landscape from above. Make your reservations over the Web or speak with someone who can answer your questions when you call the resort.

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Big obstacles become minor details, and the impossible becomes merely a theory. So now the question is: How do you get there? How do you get to the point where you can actually see yourself in that position? The thing is, everyone has it within them to become a leader and rise to the occasion, but what happens when you're no longer just a part of “an occasion”? What happens when that “occasion,” is actually your entire life? Not everyone has enough character to walk that out every day. Simchat Torah Beit Midrash (STBM)