Kayak school and guided trips

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Kayak school and guided trips

Kayaking is an excellent way to take advantage of one of Earth’s natural wonders water connect with the river learn the skills necessary to navigate and play on the water.  our Kayaking courses are specifically designed to fit your schedule and needs a fully equipped boat shed with many different models and makes to choose from we can guarantee your comfort while you begin experiencing the world of kayaking we have many different sections close by that we can choose from to work anywhere from 1 up to 10 days focusing on your ability and Readiness to tackle the rapids. In the duration of your course you will learn how to read Whitewater and classify different Rapids learn how to roll and navigate up to class 3 and for White Water or any age and ability are Whitewater courses I made to fit your schedule and ability It is recommended for people completely new to the idea of being in a kayak to participate in a minimum of 3 classes, better progress is made from 3 to 5 days. Our instructors come from all parts of the world to share their Professional Knowledge with you they teach in a manner that is secure fun and informative. River rescue portions are also included on three to five day courses equipment rentals deals on equipment and the opportunity to join us on River trips are available after completion of your course

What’s included

Adventure travel insurance kayak and personal gear equipment rental transportation from our office in Cocorna photos and videos free camping kayaking other places not many other Travelers are lucky enough to see come get on the water with us book your course today

One day

Introduction into basic water reading hydrology proper use of personal equipment different types of kayaks classifications of rivers basic maneuvering and safety skills treated more as a refresher focus on rolling the kayak is not a primary objective in one day classes

3-day courses

On our three-day instructional courses we have a little bit more time we can focus on more advanced skills like rolling the kayak navigating larger Rapids and have the opportunity to travel to different  Rivers in the area Advanced water reading and rescue skills are practiced as well as one day of rolling  classes will help you feel more comfortable when we begin to tackle class 3 Rapids.

5 day courses

On our specially-designed 5 day kayaking courses we have much more time to work with you individually while we focus on practicing different techniques to safely navigate up to class 3 and 4 Rapids. We will travel everyday to a different sections and rivers Learning the roll and implementing it while on the river will become the main objective. More advanced rescue techniques are

What to bring

Shoes that can get wet, sun block , sun protection for hot days, bathing suit and change of clothes for after. Any medication you might need, personal identification or passport,

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