Remix 47


The development of this boat by traveling all over to talk with instructors, parents, sons, daughters, nieces and nephews about what type of boat young up-and-coming paddlers really wanted. We also looked closely at the category of boats for the up 100 lb class of paddlers and it became clear that a smaller version of the Remix series would provide the perfect craft for younger, smaller paddlers. In our test runs, parents have endorsed the Remix 47 as a design that makes kayaking easy, fluid and safe for all kids. Whether your pint sized paddler be a cautious novice or advanced enthusiast, this speedy, easy-to-roll boat with top-shelf outfitting has what it takes for them to step up their game and have a great time. Here’s what 10 year old Tucker had to say about the boat- “I like the Remix 47 because it’s very long and easy to move. It is fast and you can tow people around on it. It is easy to reach the water and paddle well. One of my favorite memories was the first time I rolled in it. I was at the Glenwood pool and my dad lowered me into the water and I was able to bring it back up easily! One time I was surprised by a rapid and I sliced right through it no problemo. The Remix 47 could slice right through the biggest waves in the world…probably.”


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Blue Ice, Sunburst

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