Rafting Colombia

Enjoy Rafting? Colombia Awaits

Rafting, there is nothing quite like it. The excitement, the adrenaline involved. The best part about Rafting is the rivers. No two rivers are the same. The challenges in steering a raft differs from river to river. different turns and different currents. Nature has shaped each course in its own unique way. Rafters are always on the lookout for new rivers to conquer. Like explorers they seek them out wherever they are.

Colombia, show cases nature's excesses. It's unique natural gifts has given room for indulgence in many activities. Some of these activities are paragliding, surfing, rock climbing and rafting.

There are a high number of rivers in Colombia, we will be looking at some of the popular rafting locations. Rafting is one of the popular attractions for visitors to Colombia. The high number of rivers allow for varied characteristics. This difference allows visitors of different rafting expertise a lot of options. Beginners and experts each have a ton of options in locations.

Rafting as a leisure activity has gained prominence since the 1950's. A raft is an inflatable boat made of high grade PVC. They are usually tough and are made to carry up to 10 people.

Rafting is a group activity; team work and risk sharing is a major part of the activity. A Rafting trip is led by a raft guide. The raft guide is well trained and organizes the Rafting party. The raft guide also directs and maneuvers the raft.

Rafting as a sport is supervised by the International Rafting Federation (IRF). Rafting can be described as an extreme sport, though this depends on the roughness of the river. River roughness is graded. The roughness of a river is graded between class one to class six. Activities on class one to three rivers are classified as rafting. Activities on class four to six is classed as white water rafting.

White water rafting is more exciting as the rivers have stronger currents and waves. White water rafting on a class 6 river is hazardous and has links to deaths and mortal accidents.

Colombia has a lot of water ways. The most popular rivers for rafting are.

Rio Negro de tobia, Cundinamarca

Rio means River, Negro means black. In English this river is the Black River. The Rio Negro is the biggest black river in the world. It stretches across Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. The river is close to Bogota in Colombia and can be accessed from there. It is rated as a class 2 river and sometimes can reach class 3 ratings in some areas.

The water is warm and is a great place for beginners.

Rio Fonce and Rio Saurez San Gil

San Gil's wonderful scenery and terrain makes a heaven for adventure sport enthusiasts. The Rio Fonce and Rio Saurez straddle this beautiful city. Rafting in the Rio Saurez is for rafter of above average skill. The Rio Fonce is a class 2 river. The Rio Saurez has been estimated to sometimes have strong rapids that push it to class 5 . This is a very exciting area for rafting and is one of the popular destinations.

Rio Magdalena

The Rio Magdalena is the principal river of Colombia. It cuts across the western side of the country. This river runs across several cities. The class of the river varies. The seasonal changes affect the rapids. It is graded between class 2 and class 5.

Colombia Rafting is a wonderful experience. When not rafting the freshness of the vegetation, the impeccable cuisine, and the relaxed pace make Colombia one of the best tourist destinations. Please do visit.


Rafting Colombia

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