White Water Rafting Medellin

Safety Tips For White Water Rafting In Medellin.

Whether you are just taking a time out from your home or you are on vacation, white water rafting in Medellin is an invigorating and fun outdoor activity. It is an excellent way of enjoying the outdoors irrespective of the level of your experience or ability.

White water rafting isn’t just for professionals anymore. This well-known sport is currently more popular than it used to be. But there are some tips you and your loved ones need to use to make sure your white water rafting in Medellin is a good experience that you will look back on in a positive way for many years to come.

White water rafting is fun, and by adhering to some safety rules, you will find it more enjoyable. Below are some of the safety tips to help you and your loved ones enjoy the great experience white water rafting has to offer:

Pick a Professional and Licensed Water Rafting Outfitter

When picking an outfitter, make sure you ask them questions. Find out how long they have been in the business. Find out from them the level of training of their guides have and the entity of government that manages their training practices and outfitters permit. Getting to know all these will tell you whether you are dealing with the professional outfitters or not. Choosing a professional outfitter will help ensure your safety and your loved ones.

Always Put On a Personal Floating Device or a Life Jacket

Although, simply because you put on a life jacket or a personal floating device doesn’t guarantee it will always save your life. The life jacket must be worn appropriately. You must clip all the buckles and make the jacket is comfortably fitted to your body. Make sure the jacket is well fitted to allow you to breathe freely, but the jacket should not have space through which it can be pulled up over your head. Always leave the fitting of your jacket to your professional guide. This will ensure a perfect fitting.

Always Put On a Protective Gear

Make sure always put on a helmet irrespective of the level of white water rafting in Medellin you are participating in. Normally, you will not allow your children to go roller blading or ride a bike without a helmet, so why go rafting without a helmet? So always makes your professional guide provide you a helmet.

Handle the Paddle Properly

Properly handling the paddle can be a big safety concern. You should place one hand at the bottom of the paddle, the other hand should be placed at the tip of the paddle. The top edge of the paddle is made of hard plastic and can knock out your teeth or blacken your eyes if it is not held properly. Placing your hand on the top edge will enable you to have control over the paddle and prevent it from having contact with your eyes or teeth. Ask your professional guide to show you the proper technique for a holding paddle.

Ensure that you pay close attention to the safety talks of your guide before and during the white water rafting in Medellin. Your professional guide is well trained to handle any situation that may arise while you’re on the river. So, you should always listen to their instructions.


White Water Rafting Medellin

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