Mission Statement

Freak’n Creek’n is an eco-adventure company that operates throughout Colombia. We offer one-of-kind adventure activities utilizing the diverse landscapes of this stunning country: whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, paragliding, hiking, and cycling, as well as family adventures, cultural encounters, and charco tours.


Our mission is to share the rivers, natural resources and culture of Colombia, to explore its wild beauty while promoting conservation and community outreach. Working in areas that have been impacted by the violence of the past decades, we strive to set an example for sustainable tourism, and to have a positive role in the bright future of Colombia.


Our experience, knowledge and professionalism, accumulated over 30 years of exploring whitewater and nature’s many bounties, make us the best choice for adventure, and one of the reasons that we are the fastest growing company in Antioquia.


Cocorná: Paradise in the Clouds

A small town hidden beneath the heavy cloud of the mountain forests, steeped by cascading waterfalls and dense vegetation, Cocorná is a wonder to behold.


Known for its many rivers and and crystal clear charcos (natural pools), in addition to its bountiful agricultural produce, Cocorná has been popular vacation destination for Colombians since the 1980s. During the time of conflict this area became a red zone, and in recent years has opened up once more to visitors.


Cocorná is still a new name for many, making it an ideal place to enjoy a relaxed Colombian experience. Horses, donkeys, and brightly-colored shiva buses are common forms of transport, while delicious fruit trees abound. Visit a trapiche (sugar cane plantation) and stop for a coffee in town, or swim in one of the many natural springs and bask in the sun on the granite boulders. Keep an eye out for monkeys, colorful butterflies, and exotic birds.


Located 69 km outside of Medellín on the Medellín-Bogotá highway, with buses leaving hourly from the city, Cocorná is remote yet accessible. Our Freak’n Creek’n office is one-of-a-kind, perched on the mountainside with an exhilarating vista of the Cocorná valley and the 400 m El Venus waterfall. Eco trails lead down from our gourmet restaurant to luxurious private cabins, and the paragliding launch that will send you soaring through the clouds is right at your doorstep.


Equipment and Team

With over 30 years of operating experience in the adventure tourism industry, we use only the highest-quality, certified equipment, imported from the USA.


We use custom, one-of-a kind 11-foot rafts  that are especially designed for steep, low-volume rafting. Large tubes and a small surface area make for a fun and stable experience in the Ferrari of river rafts.



United States Coast Guard Approved life jackets, never older than five years, will keep you afloat, with a WRSI helmet and paddle to match.


Our great fleet of whitewater kayaks is kept in excellent condition and is available for rental, including new models from name brands such as Liquid Logic, Pyranha and Waka Kayaks.


Our diverse and professional guides are at the core of our success, coming in from all parts of the world to share their stories and love of adventure. All are trained in Swiftwater Rescue and Wilderness First Aid.


It is easy to say that we have the best and most professional equipment and staff in Colombia.


Freak’n Creek’n: A Backstory

Freak’n Creek’n is a pioneer company conceived with an eye for the road less travelled and a desire for a more complete experience. It all started in 1998 in West Virginia, USA, where co-founder kayaker Robert Bibb and a few intrepid friends decided to leave behind the crowds of the Gauley River and explore different sections upstream. Custom-made, 11-foot rafts were designed for running low-volume, technical steep rivers, or creeks.


*(bear creek photo)**


This same design was integrated into new stomping grounds in Colombia, where we are still running steep rivers and breaking boundaries.


Rob went on to become the SEO mastermind and CEO of Blackwood Productions and other innovations such as the first Internet Space Agency. Years later, while exploring Central and South America for less commercial rivers, he met his now co-founder Daniel Dunn on a rafting trip on the Río Buey and realized that the rivers of Colombia had the magic he was looking for.


Co-founder Daniel Dunn, of Canada, had been travelling South America as a kayaker and professional raft guide for several years, in search of the perfect place to start a new creative operation. He tells the story of how he and two friends came upon Cocorná for the first time, in 2012:


“We had been paddling around different parts of Colombia before arriving in Medellín, as it was mentioned to be a potential kayaking paradise. We quickly realized that we were surrounded by tall mountains, lots of traffic, and no kayaking, and so with the help of Nico Mejía, a local maps specialist, we planned our ascent out of the city and down into the first descent of the Río Cocorná. We arrived off the highway at a cloudy backdrop with nothing much to see, but Nico assured us that the Samana River was down there somewhere in that valley and that all the rivers leading to it had good potential to be amazing whitewater. He asked at a local house if we could spend the night and they agreed with no hesitation, when he left that evening there we were, three foreigners in the middle of what used to be a red zone, asking people, “How do we get to such-and-such river?” After two days on the water, we came up only to find a nice little town with great coffee that we hadn’t seen from the mountainside days before because of the clouds. Was this a whitewater paradise we had unknowingly stumbled upon?”


Founder Bios




How did we find this place? Dan had been Travelling South America for many years looking for the perfect place to start a new creative operation after traveling with friends to different parts of Colombia before arriving in Medellin as it was mentioned as a potential kayaking paradise. After arriving in Poblado we quickly realized that we were sounded by tall mountains lots of traffic and no kayaking we needed to get out. After a quick stop to a friends place Nico Mejia a local maps specialist from Medellin who also has an amazing hotel called la Pintada he helped us plan our accent out of the city and down into the first descent of the Cocorna river.



We arrived at a cloudy backdrop nothing much to see and Nico assured us that the magdalena river was down somewhere in that valley and that all the rivers connecting to it have good potential of having amazing whitewater. He dropped us off at a local Colombians house asked them if we could stay the night and they agreed with no hesitation he left that evening and we were 3 foreigners in the middle of a used to be red zone asking random people how do we get to such and such river. After being on that section of water for two days we came up only to find a nice little town with great coffee that we had not been able to see from the mountain side days before because of clouds. is this the whitewater paradise we have somehow stumbled upon it unknowingly?


Canadian, kayaker and professional raft guide Dan had been traveling South America for many years looking for the perfect place to start a project, after seeing Cocorna he knew he had found a very unique place and that it fit the perfect criteria that he was looking for. Completing many of the first descents of the rivers in the area no one knows this valley better. While on a rafting trip woking for his previous company he met Rob and the two of them starting talking about perhaps combining forces to bring the freakn creekn idea to Colombia but with new life and inspiration.




Kayker background later on to become SEO mastermind and CEO of blackwood productions and other innovations like the first internet space agency. Started original freakn creekn in 1998 with friends on the Gauley river running different sections of the river that nobody else had been doing. After many years in the industry Rob later started exploring new areas of south and Central America for less commercial rivers that still had the magic! After going on a rafting trip with his now co founder on the Rio Buey near Medellin he quickly realized that the rivers of Colombia still had the magic he was looking for.



Freak’n Creek’n was established by whitewater and nature enthusiasts Robert Bibb and Dan Dunn.



Cocornà was found! A small town hardly visible hidden beneath the heavy cloud of the mountain forests, sounded by lush rolling hills a valley scared into the earth this place is truly a paradise. Not basing ourselves in the city but instead forming an adventure center where you can come to one place for many different activities. Freakn Creekn was the first Adventure Company of its kind in this region pioneering lots of the area bringing you a suitable place to arrive and kick back.


Colombia is a country with a wide variety of environments: rivers and jungles in the mountainous cloud forests;


If you want genuine wild adventure then this is the place
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From Rafting to Paragliding – We have the Extreme Adventure You Are Looking For!

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