Take off a Scenic tandem paragliding flight with a certified pilot.

Nothing is more exhilarating and liberating than stepping off The side of a mountain and joining a large flock of soaring birds high above the ground catching thermals and reaching New Heights.

Look around on this 360° Video


Length of trip: 15 min – 20 min

Type: Tandem Paragliding

Price: $40


  • Professional Pilots
  • Transportation from office
  • Insurance
  • Instructions on how to enjoy flight

Amazing views and Sensations are what we can guarantee! enjoy a minimum 15 minutes of flight with your fully certified instructor. Large waterfalls cascade down the valley, a mist you can feel in the air as you pass by.

It’s easy to see why this area is rated 5 stars for paragliding and adventure-seeking.

Sign in at our office which is the launch area and you are meters away from being airborne

You are provided with your own personal camera to capture your favorite moments.


Brand new top of the line equipment never older than 2 years.


No experience necessary everyone is invited to come join us in the skies all ages welcome.


Being able to soar like a bird is not something that humans are capable of doing without large planes


The magical sensation of Flying high in the sky above the birds the mountains the waterfalls and Landing down in the beautiful Town below . The thrill of rising in a thermal and returning to the very same spot that you left. the beauty of the landscape spread out in front of you. Feel the emotion of stepping Off The Earth into the sky.


Being able to enjoy your flying experience and relax is very important to us that’s why we use only the most experienced and knowledgeable Pilots in the valley no one knows these guys better than our Pilots here at Freakn Creekn

You can’t rely on the weather forecast here in Colombia in these mountains it’s hard to predict what you are going to have for lunch we fly 360 days of the year even if it’s raining in the morning the sun will shine in the afternoon we offer discounts four groups and special events . If you get car sick or nauseous easy please inform your instructor prior to Take off.


If you don’t have time for a full day adventure don’t worry this is perfect for you with the whole activity only taking up maximum 30 minutes you can easily mix match and combine paragliding with any activity like whitewater rafting or an Eco hike.


For availability, group discounts, bookings, weather and flight times please call our office +57 321 927 4767 during regular business hours 9am to 5pm Colombia standard time 7 days a week.


Paragliding School ($1500)

Learn to Fly in our custom designed for you 10 day all inclusive paragliding training. Guaranteed 22 flights in 10 days we will teach you the ins and outs of paragliding and free flight Theory. Based in the valley of Cocorna we will travel to different fly zones experience varying conditions and eventually be able to take off and land all on your own our instructors are the best in the game and have been  doing it since it was started with the most experience in the area it’s easy to see why most people Choose us for their flying experience. Breathtaking views stunning scenery and a five-star location are just a few reasons we are your Adventure Center.


Ever wanted to fly Like an eagle well now you can safely enjoy the experience of touching the clouds and soaring the skies.

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